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Wanbo Mozart 1 Projector

►Step into an era of unsurpassed visual clarity and audio enhancement with the Wanbo Mozart Full HD Projector. Invest in Wanbo Mozart 1 Full HD Projector and elevate your home entertainment expectations. Dive into the depth of crystal clear imagery and savor every sight and sound in unprecedented detail and clarity. Transform your home into a mini-theater, today. Upgrade to the complete cinematic experience.

►Bright & Clear: With a 9000ANSI high brightness capability, this device illuminates your room with superb picture quality. Every frame is exceptionally vibrant featuring high-resolution details that provide a lifelike experience.

►Intelligent AutoFocus & AutoTrapezoid: Forget manual adjustments. The Wanbo Mozart 1 comes with an AutoFocus and AutoTrapezoid feature - it automatically calibrates the focus for each scene, and adjusts to prevent distorted or skewed imagery.

►High Resolution: Picture quality matters. With a 1920x1080P full HD feature, enjoy crystal-clear images which bring every scene to life.

►Up-to-date Android 9.0 OS: The projector is equipped with the latest Android 9.0 system. This ensures smoother operation, enhanced memory management, optimized speed, and improved application performance.

►High-Speed WiFi 6: Stream your favorite content seamlessly. The projector is integrated with dual-band WiFi 6, providing faster and stable wireless connections.

►Powerful Sound: Audio is just as important as the visuals. The built-in 8W*2 speakers backed by ultrasonic magnetic diaphragm sound chamber technology let you indulge in an immersive audio-visual spectacle.
RM 1699.00

Wanbo Projector T2 Max New [AI Auto-Focus | 450 ANSI | High-Res | Low Noise]

►AI Auto Focus
►1080P HD Resolution
►Support 4K [1.07 Billion on Color Combination]
►Strong Bass [Bass Frequency lower as 60HZ]
►Efficient Noise Reduction Duct
►Android 9.0 | 1 + 16G
RM 799.00

Wanbo Projector T4 [AI Auto-Focus | AI Auto-Keystone Correction | Dual-Band Wi-Fi | 16GB Large Storage]

►Model Name : Wanbo Projector T4
►Projection Technology : LCD
►Light Source Technology : LED
►Physical Resolution : 1920*1080
►Projection Ratio | Scale : 1.25 : 1 | 16:9, 4:3
►CPU : MTK 9269 ►RAM & ROM : 1GB DDR4 | 16GB eMMC high speed flash memory
►System : Android 9.0
►Wi-Fi : Dual-Band wifi 6
►Bluetooth : 5.0
►Speaker : 3W*2
►Warranty : 1 Year Warranty by Mobile 2 Go
RM 799.00

Wanbo Projector TT [AI Auto Focus | Dual Band WiFi | Dolby Audio | 8GB Large Space ]

►Model Name : Wanbo Projector TT
►Projection Technology : LCD
►Light Source Technology : LED
►Physical Resolution : 1920*1080
►Projection Ratio | Scale : 16:9 / 4:3
►CPU : MTK 9266
►RAM & ROM : 1GB DDR4 | 8GB eMMC
►Wi-Fi : 2.4G + 5G Dual-Band wifi
►Bluetooth : BT5.1
►Speaker : 5W*2
►Warranty : 1 Year Warranty by Mobile 2 Go
RM 1599.00 RM 1299.00

Wanbo Projector X1 [720P Resolution | Low Noise | Screen Mirroring | Support Port AV | HDMI & USB | Built-in Speaker]

Brand : Wanbo (under Xiaomi Ecosystem)
Model : Wanbo X1
Product Color : White
Product Size : 220 x 185 x 80 mm
Product Weight : 1236 g
Projection Technology : LCD
Resolution : 720P
Compatibility Resolution : 1080P
Light Source : LED
Light Source Brightness : 300 ANSI
Light Source Life : 20000 Hours (under good heat radiation)
Projection Ratio : 1.35:1
Projection Size : 40-120 inches
Screen : 16:9
Focus : Manual
Keystone Correction : Trapezoidal Keystone Correction
Interface : AV, HDMI, USB, Headphone
Speaker : 3W
RM 529.00

Wanbo Projector X5 [1100ANSI Brightness | Cinema Laser Technology]

►Auto Focus
►1100 ANSI brightness
►Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 suppported
► Up to 20000 service life of lamp
►Android TV 9.0 built-in Google Assistant
►Excellent sharpness in all conditions with auto focus
►10.7 billion colors and enhancing details with artificial intelligence
►Wider color gamut for realistic images with laser projection technology
►Maintain a perfectly rectangular image with automatic keystone correction
►Full HD 1080p supported .4K content, HDR10 and offers a very high contrast ratio of 2500:1
►Android 9.0 | 1 + 16G
RM 1199.00

Wanbo T2 Free Projector [Free Vertical Keystone Correction Portable Home Theater Mini LED Projector]

30W*2 Speaker
HDMI Input
Fully Sealed light engine
Support 1080P
Projection ratio of 1:35:1
Screen aspect ratio: 16:9
Projection type : Multimedia Projector
Light source : LED
Projection Technology : LCD
Light source brightness 150ANSI
LED bulb life : 2000 hours(with good heat dissipation)
Focusing Method : Manual
USB : USB2.0
Power supply : 19V 3A
RM 399.00

Wanbo T2 Max Projector [Support Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connection | Built-In Android System]

Specifications :
Model number: T2 Max
Projector type: Android desktop projector
Projection technology:LCD
Light source:LED
Color: White
Airframe size: 110*140*150mm
Light source brightness: 5000
Standard resolution: 1920*1080
LED bulb life: 20,000 hours (with good heat dissipation)
Battery: No.7(Without Battery)
Projection ratio: 1.35:1
Projection size: 40-120 inches
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Focusing Method: Manual
System memory:1GB
RM 599.00 RM 549.00

Wanbo T2R Max [1080P Resolution | 4K Compatible | AI Intelligent Voice | 3 Fans * 2 Radiators | 3W*2 Dual Horn | Wireless Same Screen]

►Product Model: Wanbo T2R Max
►Machine Size: 110x135x165mm
►Product Color: White
►Product Weight: 0.9kg

►Projection Technology: LCD
►Light Source: LED
►Physical Resolution: 1920*1080
►Projection Ratio: 1.35:1
►Projection Scale: 16:9, 4:3

►CPU Amlogic: MTK9269
►Ram: 1GB
►Storage: 16GB
►System: Android 9.0
►Wi-Fi: 2.4G WiFi
►Bluetooth: 4.0
►Speaker: 3W*2
RM 749.00 RM 599.00

Wanbo T6 Max Projector Global Version [1080P Native Resolution | Dual Frequency Wi-Fi | Supports 4K Decoding | Electric Focus ]

►Product Model: T6 Max
►Machine Size: 195*137*201mm
►Product Color: White
►Product Weight: 1945g
►Projection Technology: LCD
►Light Source: LED
►Physical Resolution: 1920*1080
►Projection Ratio: 1.35:1
►Projection Scale: 16:9/4:3
►CPU Amlogic: Amlogic 972
►Storage Built-In: 16GB eMMC high speed flash memory
►System: Android 9.0
►Wi-Fi: 2.4G+5G dual-band wifi
►Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
►Speaker: 5W*2(Independent Digital Power Amplifier)
►Focusing: Electric Focusing
RM 1299.00 RM 989.00

Wanbo X1 Mini Projector [Supported Resolution 1080p | Built-in Speaker & High Quality Sound | Low-noise]

►Brand : Wanbo
►Model : Wanbo X1 Mini
►Product Condition : 100% Original Wanbo Product
►Product Color : Yellow
►Product Size : 165 x 122 x 86 mm
►Product Weight : 616 g
►Projection Technology : LCD
►Native Resolution : 480p
►Supported Resolution (compatible resolution) : 1080p
►Light Source : LED
►Light Source Brightness : 200 ANSI
►Light Source Life : 20000 Hours (under good heat radiation)
►Projection Scale : 4:3 / 16:9
►Projection Size : 40-120 inches
►Focus : Manual
►Speaker : Built-in 3W Speaker
►Keystone Correction : NO
►Ports : HDMI, USB, Headphone, AV
RM 399.00