Warranty Information

Warranty Information (Policy & Terms)



Original Malaysia Set:

  • Warranty coverage, policy and it's length follows as what set by it's principal.
  • Customer can send all their purchased original set direct to authorized service center for warranty request purpose.


Original Imported Set:

  • All import set is covered under warranty by Mobile To Go Sdn Bhd


12 months warranty coverage:

  • All brand smartphones and all models of smartwatch.


Details coverage:

  • 12 months coverage for transceiver and it's related part, and software
  • 3 months coverage for lcd and it's related part, battery, charging port, buzzer, vibrator and accessories (AC plug, earphone, cable, battery kit).


Any fault not covered by All Manufacturer’s Warranty cause by

  • Unauthorized Repair
  • Unauthorized Third Parties / Modification
  • Seal has been tempered or removed
  • Water / Liquid Damaged.
  • Physical, LCD & Touch Screen Damaged.
  • Dead Pixel Below 7 pixel
  • Unable to provide the original proof of purchase (tax Invoice) during warranty claim
  • Changes of default system by 3rd party.
  • Rooted Device.
  • Disasters such as floods, fires, winds, earthquakes or lightning